iLEAPS Project office moves to China

In 2015, the project office of IGBP's land-atmosphere project iLEAPS will move from Helsinki to Nanjing.

iLEAPS Newsletter special issue is available

Download (pdf,  2.9 Mb) the electronic version of the latest iLEAPS Newsletter Special issue on "Environmental Research Infrastructure".


New ESA activity

European Space Agency (ESA) intends to start an activity entitled "Coupled Atmosphere-Biosphere Virtual Lab" (CAB-LAB) within the framework of the Support to Science Element (STSE). The activity is an ESA contribution to the Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Process Study (iLEAPS) initiative, which is the land-atmosphere component of the International Geosphere and Biosphere Programme.

Scientific programmer/modeller position in KIT, Germany

Candidates are invited to fill the position of a programmer/modeller in the plant-atmosphere interactions group, based in KIT’s Atmospheric Environment department in Garmisch-Partenkirchen ( All information about position in pdf.

1st VDI-Expert Forum on Atmospheric Chemistry

1st VDI-Expert Forum on Atmospheric Chemistry - NMVOCs, NOx, O3, and the EU Thematic Strategy on Air Pollution, 19-20 November 2014, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, Bonn, Germany.
More information at:
Announsment (pdf)

MICMoR Technical Short Course

MICMoR Technical Short Course "Putting People on the Land. Introducing the interactions between terrestrial ecosystems,
climate and society", 3-6 March 2015, Institute of Meteorology and Climate Research (KIT/IMK-IFU), Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
More information in flyer (pdf).

IT specialists positions in climate and environmental research

Lund University (Dept of Physical Geography and Ecosystem Science) has three permanent IT specialists positions for work in climate and environmental research:
* system architect for the ICOS Carbon Portal (Ref NPA 2014/385)
* software engineer for the ICOS Carbon Portal (Ref NPA 2014/386)